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How dampers reduce energy costs…

In these economic times, it makes sense financially to do everything you can to reduce energy costs.   Installing a damper on your chimney is a great way to keep your house from leaking heat.  Dampers stop heat from escaping up the chimney when your fireplace is not in use by trapping the warm air and blocking the cold.
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How to keep your Chimney in good shape…

There are many ways to keep your chimney looking and acting it’s very best. Some of the very basic services you could take advantage of are chimney inspections to make sure everything is sound structurally and there are no blockages that could lead to devastating fires, masonry repairs if you do notice some damage, flashing repairs, chimney relining, chimney caps and dampers, dryer vent cleaning, animal removal, firebox repair and more…

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Boston Area Chimney Sweep

We also pride ourselves in being honest with our customers. We have the technical expertise and know-how to solve all your chimney needs — from chimney cleanings to masonry repairs, pointing, and relining.

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Family Chimney Sweep Services Offered

Learn about how Family Chimney Sweep can help you!

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