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Sometimes animals can get stuck inside a chimney. Trust us, we’ve seen our share of dead birds, bats and squirrels over the years that end up clogging the flue or stinking up a living room, and are always happy to come on over and remove them so you can enjoy a fire with peace of mind. Once, we pulled out over 20 birds from a single chimney!

One possible solution to this problem is cutting back tree branches that reach the roof of the house, but this won’t keep birds from nesting inside your chimney, unfortunately. A Chimney Cap, which can be attached by a trained professional, is the best defense against this menace, and keeps all critters out – including racoons, which have been known to slide down a chimney and make themselves at home while the unsuspecting family soundly sleeps upstairs.

If you have dead animals in your chimney, or want to prevent it from happening, we would love to come on over and discuss the possible solutions with you. And if you’ve discovered a live creature lurking up there in the dark, call a professional to come and remove it.

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You’d be surprised, but we hear this a lot: “What is this and what does it do?”

They are referring to the screen that goes in front of the fireplace.

It’s okay, this is what we’re here for, to help answer questions.

The fireplace screen goes in front of the fireplace when you have a fire to keep the ash and sparks from coming out and catching things like the rug and sofa and the lazy cat on fire so that the whole house doesn’t go up in flames.

Every fireplace should have one, and starting a fire without one is irresponsible.

Now you know.

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Some chimney companies only clean.

Some chimney companies only do repairs.

But at Family Chimney Sweep, we do it all!

And unlike some of our competition, we’re also fully insured! We’ll come and clean your fireplace and flue, replace old dampers with chimney top dampers, put on chimney caps, repair crooked chimney tops and so much more! We even service wood burning stoves!

We are a friendly, prompt and honest family-run business and offer prices that can’t be beat.

Call us for all of your fireplace and chimney needs!

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