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Dampers in New England are usually old and beat up from the harsh weather, and many times will leak water.

Because most dampers form a  metal to metal seal, some amount of air will always leak through. Through time, the metal plates will warp from the effects of the moisture and heat, and water will be able to come through to your fireplace.

A chimney top damper is a good way to seal the chimney to keep water from slipping through, and Family Chimney Sweep would love to talk to you about making an appointment to come and see what we can do for you, so call us anytime!

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We are often driving around the Boston area from one client to another. Braintree to Dover, to South Boston back to Walpole and so on…

Some of our business comes from people who stop us on the street or come up to us at the gas station or Dunkins and ask us questions.

usually, when they’ve done their homework, people are amazed at what we do for the price we do it at. Some of the other companies we hear about charge $50 more for a fireplace cleaning, and that is unfair to every homeowner that falls prey to this.

If you see us driving around and have a question for us, feel free to honk or wave and we’d be happy to pull off and talk to you about your needs. We’ve been known to follow someone a few miles to their house to let them know if they are in need of repairs.

We pride ourselves on being honest, friendly and fair.

We won’t disappoint.

Call us today at 800-821-1027

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Okay, we won’t lie: It’s quite cold outside right now.

But we don’t mind, and will brave the frigid elements outside to ensure that you and your family is safe this year by cleaning and repairing anything chimney related that comes our way.

We have over 30 years of experience, and many loyal customers who call us every year. A lot of other companies can’t boast either of these things, and prey on unsuspecting homeowners and sell them things they don’t really need.

Us? We’ll climb up a ladder in negative 10 degree weather and pull tree branches from your chimney atop a snow covered roof.

‘Cause that’s what we do!

call us today to set up an appointment


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It is a cheap and seemingly-easy way to clean your chimney, but does a chimney cleaning log really do the job right?

Chimney Cleaning Logs work by adding certain chemicals to the logs that are designed to break down the build up in your chimney. But they only help a little bit, testing suggests, and should not be the sole source of cleaning. Chimney cleaning logs do help in breaking down creosote that builds up inside the chimney, but not enough to be certain there will be no safety issues.

A thorough cleaning by a professional is the best way to go.

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Mike Scanlan started Family Chimney Sweep over 20 years ago as a side job to his duties fighting fires in Boston.

Mike knew the potential dangers a dirty or clogged chimney flue could cause, and wanted to make sure families in his city and beyond were safe during the cold season.

As a teenager, Mike’s son David used to tag along with his father and over the years learned first hand the ins and outs of the chimney sweep business.

Today, Mike and David continue to provide top-notch, affordable services for all your chimney and fireplace needs, including cleanings, repair and inspections.

Feel free to call Mike and David anytime at 800-821-1027

Or visit us at

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We get so many calls every week from clients who have objects stuck in their chimney.

We’ve pulled a lot of things out of chimney’s over the years.

Tree branches are very common, as are leaves and debris.

Animals, too, both dead and alive, have been found in people’s chimneys. It’s a great place for birds to set up shop, and in turn can make having a fire unsafe for your family.

Call Family Chimney Sweep today to set up an appointment. We’ll come right down and remove whatever is stuck in your chimney.


or visit us at

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A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home, just as a dog or cat is, but many times the two interact and the result can be very unpleasureable.

For instance, have you ever seen a white cat covered in fireplace smoot? It ain’t pretty, and will cost a bunch to clean up.

Dogs are notorious for being inquisitive, and will poke their head into a fireplace if given the opportuntity for no real reason other than boredom. They’ll track their feet in the smoot and then parade around the house with a half-charred piece of wood in their mouth before discarding it on your bed.

You should always keep your pets away from the fireplace even when it is not lit.

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Sure, there’s a ton of snow out there and at this very moment its coming down like cats and dogs, but we at Family Chimney Sweep are willing to come to your house so that you and your family can have a safe fire!

Well, maybe not today since the roads are crazy, but tomorrow at the crack of dawn we will be out on the road heading to homes to clean fireplaces and chimney flues.

Call us and we can fit you in to our crazy schedule.

In most cases we can do all the work from the safety of your living room or basement, so it doesn’t matter how much snow we get ’cause we can still take care of business!

Call us today at 800 821-1027

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