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We had a job one day this past winter on a very cold day. A woman had called saying there were store-bought, do-it-yourself rods stuck in their chimney flue, and she wanted them taken out. So Mike and Scott headed out to check it out.

There was snow on the ground and on parts of the roof, but Mike figured the only way to get the rods out was by pushing them down from the top of the chimney using our rods. Three ladders later, and Mike was positioned to begin sending the rods down.

Scott went to the basement and waited by the tiny hole in the chimney for the jammed rods to be sent down.

So it began.

It wasn’t an easy job; the rods they had tried to send up were flimsy and ineffective, not to mention duct taped together so not to unclip. But eventually we got the rods from the flue, and were praised for our diligence and resistance to frigid temperatures.

The equipment we use is of the highest professional quality, and we have years of experience working on chimneys. Please call us with any questions regarding your chimney, and maybe you can save a few extra bucks by not trying to do it yourself and leaving it up to the professionals.

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