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Fireplaces are not just for visual pleasure.

They give off heat. At a much cheaper cost than other forms of heat, too!

Pretty much, you can heat your home using firewood for a fraction of the cost you’d end up paying using oil or gas heating systems.

Plus, it brings you back to the good ol’ days when buring wood was the only form of heat during these harsh New England winters.

Sure, its easier to just turn a dial and get heat, but at the end of the season when you’re trying to pay the outrageous bill you’d received you’ll think twice about not firing up the fireplace next year.

be sure to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned regularly!

Call us to set up an appointment, and we’ll be right over to save you money!

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We feel badly when we show up at a new customer’s house and they tell us about their past experiences with other chimney sweep companies.

They were sold things they didn’t need for inflated prices.

The work they got was poor, sloppy and unprofessional.

They ended up forking over a small fortune for nothing!

Why? Because some other companies don’t care about the customer. They think the customer is stupid and will do whatever they say. Chimney Caps are expensive, and not everyone needs one. But ask some of the other guys and they’ll tell you different.

It’s quite sad to think that these people are being taken advantage of. We at Family Chimney Sweep promise to not rip you off, not sell you things you won’t need or want, and to always give you detailed information about the work we’re doing. You won’t be left out in the dark!

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Many people don’t know that with today’s equipment a chimney sweep can still get most of his work done when there’s a ton of snow on the roof.

But we can!

The cleaning work on fireplaces can be done from the safety of your living room with special tools that allow us to remain safe while making sure your family is safe from a fire caused by a dirty or clogged chimney flue.

So just ’cause its snowing out there doesn’t mean we can’t come and clean out your fireplace.

It just may take us a little longer to get there, that’s all!

Feel free to call us anytime to set up an appointment

800 821 1027

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We are not one of those Chimney Sweep companies that hopes you don’t have a clue about chimneys and what they need and what it costs to fix them and clean them so they can rip you off.

In fact, we want you to research chimneys before calling us so you don’t ever feel ripped off. We pride ourselves on being honest, and only giving the customer exactly what they need to ensure their family and property is safe from a chimney fire.

Other companies just want your money. The less you know the better, is what they think.

We want you to make an informed decision about the future of your chimney.

Please call us with any questions.

800 821 1027

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We had a job one day this past winter on a very cold day. A woman had called saying there were store-bought, do-it-yourself rods stuck in their chimney flue, and she wanted them taken out. So Mike and Scott headed out to check it out.

There was snow on the ground and on parts of the roof, but Mike figured the only way to get the rods out was by pushing them down from the top of the chimney using our rods. Three ladders later, and Mike was positioned to begin sending the rods down.

Scott went to the basement and waited by the tiny hole in the chimney for the jammed rods to be sent down.

So it began.

It wasn’t an easy job; the rods they had tried to send up were flimsy and ineffective, not to mention duct taped together so not to unclip. But eventually we got the rods from the flue, and were praised for our diligence and resistance to frigid temperatures.

The equipment we use is of the highest professional quality, and we have years of experience working on chimneys. Please call us with any questions regarding your chimney, and maybe you can save a few extra bucks by not trying to do it yourself and leaving it up to the professionals.

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There are many reasons to start a fire in your fireplace, and here are a few.

1) You promised the kids you’d toast marshmallows in the yard but it’s raining outside. So start a fire in the fireplace and toast up them Smores! Save one for us!

2) You finally got a weekend alone with your wife, and you’d like to rekindle your romance. ‘Nuff said?

3) You enjoy looking at pretty colors.

4) You’re too lazy to go out and get new lightbulbs and every one of them is burned out. You also have to finish your homework. Guess what? Fire brings light!

5) Times are tough and you want to keep your energy bill down.

6) Sometimes you’re just cold.

Be sure to give your fireplace regular cleanings to ensure safety!

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Many times people will notice that they’re not getting a sufficient draft from their chimney, and they always want to know why.

So they ask us, which is the right thing to do since we know what we’re talking about.

The answer to our client’s question is usually that there is probably a blockage in the flue which is causing the draft problem, something like a bird’s nest, leaves, fallen bricks, the neighbor kids’ frisbee or anything else you can think of…we’ve seen our fair share of crazy things inside a chimney flue!

It doesn’t take much to restrict a chimney flue to the point that it will reduce your draft and begin to cause you problems.

We would be happy to come and check out your chimney flue and even clean it for you before Winter comes and you’re scrambling to make an appointment!

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