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Most of the bigger Chimney Sweep companies can afford to do a poor job cleaning fireplaces and chimneys because they will get a ton of calls every year no matter what since they have the biggest and brightest ad in the Yellow Pages or more Vans on the street promoting the company.

And sure, we too could make a pretty good living just ripping off new customers every year.

But we don’t.

Most of our business comes from repeat customers who saw that we care about their family’s safety and the condition of their chimney by doing the best possible job at the best price. We have a relationship with our customers, and they pass on our information to their friends and family and soon we have a whole customer base of repeat customers.

Years from now, when the big companies have screwed over every one they can and go out of business, we’ll still be here because we have no reason to rip you off: We want you as a customer for years to come.

Give us a call and let’s set up an appointment.

We also don’t push things on you that you don’t need for outrageous prices just because we can.

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During the Fall and Winter months, we’re on the road going from home to home making sure chimneys and fireplaces are safe for families to use during the holiday season.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our promptness and cleanliness, and our desire to serve the Massachusetts communities.

We’ve been protecting our family for generations, now let us protect yours, with our outstanding work. We won’t pressure you into anything you don’t really need, and we won’t use big technical words to confuse you into paying whatever we decide is right.

We wouldn’t cheat our family, and we won’t cheat yours.

You can count on that promise from Family Chimney Sweep. Servicing the Boston area for over 30 years!

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Family Chimney Sweep believes that we have the most reasonable prices for Chimney and Fireplace cleaning and work, as well as the most skilled, knowledgable and professional staff to serve your every need.

Here is a list of our prices:

Chimney Inspection: $85

Cleaning of Standard Chimney Flue: $179

Cleaning of Second Chimney Flue: $99

Cleaning of Third Chimney Flue: $89

Cleaning of wood stove flues: $189

Cap Installation: $150–$550 depending on size of chimney top

Dryer Vent Cleaning: $125–$200 depending on length of run

Items above do not reflect all the services we offer. Please call if you do not see something listed.

Mention the code WEB and receive 10% off your cleaning!

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We’ve had people come running up to us at gas stations to ask us chimney and fireplace questions while we fill up our truck’s tank.

Neighbors of our clients always come strolling over to inquire about our prices and services.

And just last week a woman in a minivan nearly ran us off the road so she could ask us a question about chimney caps.

All we want to say is that there are other ways to get in touch with us so you can get the best possible service for your fireplace and chimney needs.

We’re on the web at

We have a blog that answers all your questions at

You can call us at 800- 821.1027

Call us now and get 10% all your cleaning services!

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Firewood that gives off maximum heat

There are many different types of firewood that produce different heat. Here is a list of firewood that give off maximum heat to save money on heating bills.


White Ash

Red Oak, White Oak

Beech, Blue Beech

Yellow Birch, Black Birch




Hard Maple


Southern Yellow Pine

Douglas Fir

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Many people ask us about how much wood they need for the winter months for their fireplace.

Well, this all depends on how often you plan on using your fireplace to make fires.

Estimates say that if your primary source of heating your home is firewood you’ll most likely need around 5 cords of wood, depending on the size of your home.

If you plan to switch between wood and another form of heat to keep the house warm, we’d say get 2 cords of wood.

And maybe you only use your fireplace on a few occasions for pleasure and not to heat your home, you’ll probably go through about half a cord of wood.

But what is a cord? you ask.

128 cubic feet of closely stacked wood.

Now you know.

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Family Chimney Sweep services all of the Greater Boston area with top-notch fireplace and chimney cleaning, as well as repairs and additions such as chimney top dampers, chimney caps, tipping and brick repair.

Please call us if you live outside of the Greater Boston area, we may be able to come out and provide you with our superior work.

Family Chimney Sweep is a family owned, fully insured chimney sweep. Let us help keep your family safe.

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