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Mike Scanlan, the founder of Family Chimney Sweep, was a Boston firefighter for 30 years.

20 years ago, Mike started Family Chimney Sweep as a side business, using his experience dealing with fires to try and help prevent them.

Today, Mike is retired from firefighting, but continues to work at Family Chimney Sweep.

Many firefighters call on Mike and son David to make sure their families are safe during the colder months by having their fireplaces and chimneys properly maintained and serviced.

Just the other day, we visited two firefighter homes and swept their chimneys clean.

If a firefighter trusts Family Chimney Sweep to make sure their fireplace is safe to light fires in, then so should you.

Call us today to make an appointment.

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Why a chimney cap?

There are a few reasons to install a chimney cap at the top of your chimney.

The first is to prevent water from coming down into your fireplace or shove when it rains. Without a chimney cap, moisture will get inside the flue and drip down. A chimney cap will stop the water from entering the chimney.

Keeping animals out is the second reason for putting a chimney cap up. Many times, a bird or squirrel or even a raccoon will fall down or make a nest inside your chimney causing a clog in the flue or death to the animal which will in turn begin to smell until it is removed.

Family Chimney Sweep can install any chimney cap on any house, and we would love to talk to you about servicing your every need when it comes to fireplace maintenance and keeping your family safe.

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As a family business, we are dedicated to YOUR family and their safety this coming winter months when it gets mighty cold outside and you’re looking to start a fire.

And although this is the time of year when we’re crazy busy and running from town to town cleaning chimneys and putting on chimney caps, we promise to make time for your family.

You should feel safe lighting a fire this holiday season, and we promise to do the best possible job to ensure that your family and house remain intact.

Give us a call, we’ll make sure to fit you in to our schedule, even if it means spending less time with our own family!

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The horror stories we hear from new clients about their past experiences with other chimney sweeps tell us that a lot of the companies are crooks who suggest work that doesn’t need to be done.

Family Chimney Sweep will never tell you to have work done that isn’t neccesary because we believe that a satisfied customer will continue to call and recommend us to their friends and neighbors and that is more important to us than scamming innocent people with services and products they don’t really need.

When you’re ready to go with the best chimney sweep, give us a call.

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have, so when we come to clean your chimney or throw on a chimney cap be sure to ask us anything so that you feel comfortable when we leave. We don’t want any of our customers to be confused about anything that we discuss, and we want them to to know all of the options before deciding.

If you aren’t sure how to open and close the damper, we’d be happy to show you how to do it.

If you’re having trouble starting a fire properly, just ask and we can explain, or even help you, the correct way to start a fire.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask us some elemetary question that you think everyone should know, because most people haven’t a clue about how fireplaces and chimney’s operate. It is our job to explain it to you, and we want you to feel good about the condition and workings of your fireplace when we leave.

So ask us anything!

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If you need your fireplace and chimney swept, now is the perfect time to call Family Chimney Sweep and get all your work done by professionals who’ve been in the business for over 30 years!

We’re getting busy, so be sure to call us soon and schedule a time for us to come down and bring peace of mind to you and your family this coming Winter season, not to mention heat!

Remember: Lots of things like leaves, animals and branches get inside your chimney which can cause trouble for you when your family lights the first fire of the season. Be sure to call us so that we can make sure every time you make a fire your family will be safe and sound and warm!

Call now for 10% cleanings, now through the end of October!


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We were cleaning the chimney of a nice lady in Needham the other day. I was raining outside, and she was worried that we might get our wet equipment on her furniture or rugs.

“I promise nothing will happen,” I told her, as I brought in the big vacuum.

“Oh, no, what is that?” she asked, pointing towards the vacuum.

“This picks up all the dirt and dust when we clean out your chimney,” I answered.

“The last time we had our chimney cleaned they said the same thing, only they ended up getting dust everywhere! It was a complete mess!”

“Would it make it any better,” I said, “if I promised you that nothing will happen?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Well, I promise.”

She sat close by and watched the whole time we were cleaning, and when it was done she told me that she was very happy with how clean Family Chimney Sweep is.

We always keep our promise!

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The Viper is a piece of equipment that we use to clean out the chimney flues in our customer’s homes.

Before getting the Viper, we used long rods that connect together and reached up to the top of the chimney with a brush on the end to clean out the debris and dirt.

But with the Viper we’ve now got a safer, cleaner approach to chimney cleaning.

The Viper works on a single pressurized continuous rod that is compact, clean and easy to use.

Most importantly, the Viper cleans your chimney flue better than anything we’ve come across thus far.

No longer are we walking into your home with giant 6 foot steel rods that can potentially stain a carpet or knock over a lamp. With The Viper, none of this will ever happen. We promise!

Ask us to show you how the Viper works when we come to your home to do a cleaning.

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