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You may be wondering what that smell is coming from your fireplace.

Well, the smell is caused by creosote deposits inside the chimney, which is a natural byproduct of burning wood. When the humidity is high and the air conditioner is running, like in the Summer months, the smell tends to be worse.

Although a thorough cleaning will help, it won’t completely get rid of the problem. While some choose to use commercial chimney deodorants and homemade remedies like baking soda and kitty litter, we suggest that because this is caused by air being drawn down the chimney to put in a chimney top damper which will seal the chimney and reduce air flow.

Feel free to contact us so that we can see if anything can be done to keep you happy with your fireplace and chimney. That’s our job!

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One of the most frequent questions we get is about firewood. More specifically, what is seasoned firewood?

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been left out to dry for a long period of time. This is wood that is best for burning in your fireplace.

Wet firewood is more difficult to burn, and also burns with less heat than seasoned, dry firewood.

If possible, always use seasoned firewood.

Now you know!

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Most people don’t remember that a long time ago fireplaces were utilized not only for heat and light but to cook food.

Makes sense, right?

Here are some ways to cook food in your fireplace.

String-turning roasts is an easy way to cook in your fireplace. All you need to do is screw in a hook to the mantle and then string the meat and hang from the hook. It will turn and cook evenly. Chicken and lamb are the best choices for this method.

You can also set up a rotisserie in front of the fireplace, which is much like the string method only more versatile.

Others opt to place a grill inside the fireplace for cooking, which requires special equipment, but well worth it in the dead of winter when you really want that grilled steak.

There are other types of fireplace cooking, too, such as chestnut roasting and skillet cooking, and all are fun and delicious.

We recommend having some people over and trying out one of these methods. It’s not only tasty but fun to watch.


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Lots of people wait until the last minute to get their fireplace cleaned and chimney swept.

We usually get flooded with calls the day before the first really cold day in the winter, the time when we’re the busiest, and it may take a few days before we can get out to your home and clean.

That is why we suggest you call us now! This way, we can be sure that your chimney is clean and ready for fires BEFORE you need it.

This way, when it starts to get cold, you’ll already be one step ahead and able to light fires safely and without worry.

Plus, if there is any work that needs to be done on the roof, we can get up there easier when there’s no snow.

And before you go thinking that you have plenty of time before the snow starts coming down, remember that this is New England and anything is possible!

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