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We got a call the other day from a couple living in the second floor of a two-family home who needed our help. They had returned one night recently to discover that the whole second floor as well as the attic was filled with smoke. Their downstairs neighbor had lit a fire, and this was the result of that.

The couple called the fire station to come and check it out, which they did. Not a fun time, we were told.

So we went over to the house to clean the downstairs fireplace and give the chimney a thorough inspection.

What we found out is that the chimney needs a new liner. That is what caused all the smoke to escape the chimney and fill the upstairs and attic.

If you are experiencing anything like this, please call us so we can come and check out your chimney and give you the best options for what needs to be done.

Because no one wants smoke in the attic.

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