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The Chimney Sweep is one of the oldest professions and he has seen his share of tools over the years that are used to keep families safe by keeping chimney’s clear and safe.

Here is what today’s Chimney Sweep brings with him on the job to do a routine cleaning:

There is always a ladder or two on hand in case the chimney has to be entered from the roof, but whenever possible for safety reasons the work should be done from the bottom.

Rods, which are connected together and sent up the chimney’s flue to clean it.

Brushes, which are attached to the first rod, in different sizes to fit snug inside the flue, clean the inside of the chimney.

A shovel, to pick up ash left in the fireplace.

A dry vacuum, with good strength, to suck up all the dust and debris that comes down the chimney while the brush and rods are cleaning.

Goggles and gloves, of course, to stay safe and clean.

Various tools, to take out rusted dampers and remove chimney caps and attach chimney top dampers when needed.

And last but not least, smiles!

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Chimney Sweeping is one of the oldest professions in the World, so it isn’t a surprise that over the years the Chimney Sweep would hold some sort of presence in different cultures.

For instance, in English culture, it is considered good luck for a bride to see a Chimney Sweep on her wedding day, and many Sweeps actually hire themselves out for weddings. Huh? Okay, so that’s a bit weird, but the British also feel that shaking hands with a Chimney Sweep, as well as being blown a kiss by one, is also considered to bring good luck.

A popular German New Year’s gift is, yeah, you guessed it, an ornament depicting a Chimney Sweep in his traditional outfit which includes an all black suit with gold buttons and a top hat that usually accompanies flowers or candy.

Croatians also believe that the Chimney Sweep is good luck, and if you pass one in the street you should rub one of your buttons.

And finally, Bulgarian Chimney Sweeps are required to carry on them proper identification stating their profession, because of the equipment they use.

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